Good Food, Good Sports at Beef O'Brady's

business success customer stories small business May 02, 2023

George McCluney, the franchisee for the local Beef O ‘Brady’s locations, has always wanted to be in the sports bar industry. After looking into a few different sports bars, he was impressed by what Beef O ‘Brady’s did. While eating at the restaurant one day he came across a number on the back of the menu to call if interested in opening a franchised location. There was one problem though. George needed a way to get the necessary capital to get his dream off the ground.

When asked how he came across Alliance Capital George responded saying his CPA recommended us to him to get the funding he needed. With the funding he received in 2009 George was able to complete renovations to the building and buy the needed equipment to get his business going. When asked about his experience with Alliance Capital and its President, Sam Renta, he had only good things to say. George found that Sam was always very responsive and does a wonderful job of gathering the data and communicating with his clients. Since that loan in 2009, George has received two more loans to improve his business in a “pain free way.” Not only was Sam easy to work with and helped George through the process from start to finish, he also managed to get the loans done in a timely manner, averaging around three months from start to finish with each loan taking less time and becoming easier than the last.

Just like any other business owner George has faced some struggles, especially early on. However, things have gone well for Beef O ‘Brady’s. When asking George what he believes his biggest success since opening the business is, he told us about how happy he was that he has been able to maintain a good portion of his key employees that have been around since the beginning. George also told us that he already recommends Alliance Capital to other small business owners. “Sam can break down the process and make it as seamless as possible, he definitely knows how to get people on the right track to get their loan.”


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