Jumping for Joy at Sky Zone Trampoline Park

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Sky Zone trampoline park has become a hot attraction to those in Florence, AL. The park has become a true treasure for families and people of all ages providing a trampoline park where the sky's the limit. Sky Zone hosts events, holds camps, and more! When talking to Kim Moore, the owner, and some of her employees, they had some great stories to tell from how fun it is to work with the kids involved in sky camp and little leapers, to a heart-warming story of a father who invited all of his daughter’s class to the park on her birthday, just after her passing, as a celebration of life. A true testament to the sense of community that this father wanted to share his daughter’s favorite entertainment with the rest of the town.

Living in the Florence community held some challenges when it came to family entertainment. Kim Moore, Owner, and General Manager of Sky Zone noticed this problem with her own family as well as the families around them. She first got the idea of opening a trampoline park after realizing many of the kids and their families were driving two hours to go to the nearest trampoline park. This got Kim thinking, and she realized that they should have one in their own community.

In the beginning Kim had a lot of help funding the project through her former boss. However, she wanted to own the company and the property outright. It was at this point that Kim started looking for loan options to buy the rest of her business and the land they were renting. She spent some time looking at different loan options and doing her research when one of her friends and former boss forwarded her an email he had received from Alliance Capital Corporation.

During our interview with Kim, she talked about how prior to reaching out us she thought that an SBA loan would be complicated stating: “When I first started looking into getting an SBA loan it was quite overwhelming… very overwhelming, but Sam was so organized and easy to work with and made the terminology understandable for someone like me… He simplified the process for me and made it so I could understand the process”. She went on to say, “looking into the SBA process it looked like it would take 6 months to a year to get a loan. Working with Sam took months off what I read online, and he was just fantastic!”. When we asked Kim how this loan has helped her to improve her business, she mentioned how prior to the loan she was having to pay a “pretty penny” to rent the building. While she is still having to pay off the loan, she noted that the payments on the loan compared to what she was paying for rent is now saving her $6000 a month!

We asked Kim if she has faced any challenges as a woman running a business. She shared that despite all she has done to put herself in the position she is today she struggles at times with men not taking her as seriously as they should or as equals. However, being the entrepreneur that she is, Kim has managed to overcome these issues through a combination of patience and using her experience to handle those who do not her as seriously as she deserves.

At the end of our conversation, we asked Kim if she would recommend Alliance Capital Corporation’s services to other small business owners, as well as what she would like to tell them. Kim responded that to anyone who would ask her, she would recommend Alliance Capital. “I cannot speak highly enough about Alliance Capital and Sam. The response time, communication, as well as just how easy he makes the process… He is awesome."


Alliance is ready to come alongside you in your business journey. Give us a call at (205) 982-7900 and let us show you the difference having the right ALLIANCE can have on your success.


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