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business success customer stories small business May 02, 2023

Chris Campbell had been in the equipment rental business for over 12 years with a large company and had gained knowledge and experience that was evident to those in the industry. In 2000 Chris teamed up with a local contractor and they opened Alabama Rentals. Though not the owner, Chris managed the business as if it were his. Finally in 2019 or so Chris and the owner worked out a deal to have Chris buy the business he had built!

While Chris was excited now to purchase what had already been his “baby” getting the funding to make that happen presented its own challenges.

Chris and the then owner reached out to a handful of banks in town they had relationships with and “dated” a couple for well over a year trying to work the financing, only in the end to be declined. Early in the process I was introduced to Chris. However, he was loyal to their bankers and wanted to give them the first opportunity (a trait that we all want of our clients). In the end he spent a lot of time and effort with the lenders however to no avail he was declined.

Fortunately for Chris one of those bankers reached back to Alliance Capital to see if we could help figure something out. And we did! Within a couple of weeks, we had the lender on board and SBA approval within a couple of months and closed about 45 days later. The loan included not only the business purchase but two buildings as well as a yard full of construction rental equipment and vehicles. Of course, throw in a Phase II Environmental for good measure! And best of all, this was approved under the CARES ACT so he saved the SBA Guaranty Fee and got three months of payments made ($9,000 each since that was the limit).

Chris is a hands-on owner, working the counter and on the yard every day, working with clients in the field when needed. Whether it is a short-term project for a homeowner or a longer project for a contractor, Chris knows what it takes to help his clients. Large or small, he is there to help them out. Alabama Rentals offers a myriad of construction tools and equipment from a post hole digger to a dozer! In his 30 + years in the business Chris knows what his clients need and want and is personally engaged in their success. Giving back, Alabama Rentals has several Bar-B-Que events annually for their clients and has won multiple awards at competitions. So not only a knowledgeable equipment guy but a heck of a cook as well!

As I have said for years to many of our clients, every lender has a different appetite. We just helped him find the one that liked his version of the right “sauce”!

In Chris’ own words……"Without Sam and his bank connections we could not have pulled this off. We now bank 100% with the lender that did our loan and could not be happier with the process and the entire team Sam helped assemble."


Alliance is ready to come alongside you in your business journey. Give us a call at (205) 982-7900 and let us show you the difference having the right ALLIANCE can have on your success.


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