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business success customer stories small business Jul 31, 2023

When it came time to purchase a new business in 2022, Darin Crabb turned to Alliance Capital and Sam Renta. Although he already owned small businesses in Mobile, Darin had spent most of his career in senior management at FedEx and was ready to stretch his horizons. He was drawn to Top Products, a custom laminate countertop company located in Irondale. “There aren’t any other companies in Birmingham that offer what we do,” Darin explains. “Since the company was founded in 1985, laminate countertops have evolved to become something that is highly competitive against granite. This is not your grandmother’s countertop.” 

In addition to a wide variety of laminates to choose from, the company also offers cabinet door fronts as well as cabinets and sinks. “Many customers choose laminate for their lake houses or in areas like bathrooms, offices and play areas,” Darin says. “It’s affordable, durable and can easily be replaced when it’s time to change decor or colors.” 

Working with Sam and his team was a pleasure from start to finish. “I worked with a company in Atlanta and they were nothing compared to Sam,” Darin says. “Alliance asked questions, turned the process over quickly and communicated constantly.” Within 60 days of presenting the bid to Top Products, Darin received an SBA loan to become the new owner. Not long after that, he used Alliance again to purchase a building that he will use for future growth. “I’d like to expand the company to Huntsville and the Gulf Coast and this building will help us do that,” Darin says. “We will be able to move some fabrication to the new space.” 

With Darin’s goals of continued growth, he has no doubt he will have need of Sam and Alliance Capital down the road. “Give Sam a shot and he will get the job done,” he says. “His advice is upfront and his team are fantastic.


Alliance is ready to come alongside you in your business journey. Give us a call at (205) 982-7900 and let us show you the difference having the right ALLIANCE can have on your success.


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