The Perfect Gift is at Wrapsody

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In 2017 Reel Howell and his wife Christie Howell decided that they wanted to acquire a business together. Previously Christie had been employed as a schoolteacher and wanted to change careers. They looked at several businesses that did not work out for one reason or another until they came across Wrapsody. Wrapsody was a store that Christie had previously worked for in Auburn while she was in college. They saw an opportunity to purchase the business and make some changes to make it more profitable such as changing some locations completely and doing work to update others. Reel wanted to find someone who could operate as an SBA packager and who works with a variety of people compared to a bank which is more likely to turn him down. After doing some research online he came across Alliance Capital.

Reel knew that SBA loans were complicated, even for someone like him who keeps all his documents organized and easy to find. In between his organization as well as how Sam was able to help them through the process, Reel found that most everything they did to get the loan was painless. He went on to say that the loans typically only took three months and made getting the money they needed in a timely fashion easy. In fact, he noted that the only real hiccups within the process were not anything to do with getting the loan but working everything out with the seller. On top of using the money they received from the loan to acquire the business they were also able to change some of the stores to higher traffic locations and to give the locations they wanted to keep a facelift.

Once they had made the acquisition the transition and developing a system that better promoted the brand was the next big step for Reel and Christie. The first step to this was getting their employees to provide great customer service. Focusing on the customer, what they want, and how they as a company can best meet the desires of their customers. They did this through finding the right employees to represent them and who genuinely want to help their customers.

Reel Howell is always looking for a new business venture. To this point we found it critical to ask if Reel would recommend Alliance Capital to other small businesses. To this point he said: “Just like I would recommend someone to go to a mortgage broker rather than a bank to get their mortgage. I would recommend the same with going through Alliance Capital for an SBA loan over a bank. While the rates may be the same Sam gives you a better chance of getting your project funded than going through a bank."

Alliance is ready to come alongside you in your business journey. Give us a call at (205) 982-7900 and let us show you the difference having the right ALLIANCE can have on your success.


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